Why Include Twitter In Your Mix

twitter While there has been quite a bit of buzz with regards to twitter, a visit to the homepage would probably leave the uninitiated rather unimpressed. Robert Scoble calls it “blogging mated with IM” and is a frequent user. While some say that it will be dead pretty soon – I do agree that at the moment it adds to the general clutter or noise and would probably not be worthwhile to most organisations. However there may well be a few uses for twitter which are as below:

1. Great for live events or as a broadcast tool.
Kim Bayne offers a few suggestions including a feedback channel for customer service, marketing ticker for journalists and analysts, and monitoring of system status. Key to this would be the ability to segment your Twitter life into different areas if it is to be relevant to various social networks. Also the ability to broadcast perspectives or conversations around a particular event or festival would become more of a usable feature. This would enable the ability to keep tabs on the pulse of an event and enable people to decide where to spend their time.

2. Promotional element
It would allow marketers to user developed content marketing campaigns and other reality based marketing campaigns could be used to encourage user dialogue and participation. It really offers an IM type dimension to the campaign without the issues of privacxy and permissions usually associated with IM.

3. Collaborative feedback
Watching content online or on TV along with others – allowing for feedback, ideas and impressions all while reading those of others could be a powerful tool.

4.  Information aggregation and mashups.
Charlene Li from Forrestor writes about being able to get Twitter Weather, Tube Twitter  and mashups like Twittermaps.com, which uses specific tagging in Twitter to map your locations. While they are cool features they have little use for marketing and PR. Dealtagger.com however is of interest in that it allows any deals that you tag on the service to also show up on Twitter.

In its current state Twitter will really only appeal to a small group of marketers. However given trends with other social networking services could well evolve with new features and functionality to actually become a useful communication and information tool.


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